Monday, December 2, 2013

Drama in Pyjamas

The enemy are inside the gate and they're wearing PJs.  At the ABC, they are shamelessly promoting a seditious left-wing agenda, spreading traitorous leaks and, worst of all, giving free publicity to  Twitter. that decadent online lounge of the latte loving elites.

It must be a huge story because The Australian, Rupert Murdoch's loss-making broadsheet, has devoted acres of space to it in recent weeks. All the big gun columnists have been rolled out to deliver a patent leather kick up the polyester-clad behinds of the public service broadcasters.

And really, it's what freedom demands, after all. Each morning, this blogger is awakened to a litany of leftist traffic and finance summaries on ABC news radio, alongside radical spin on the police rounds, court reports and updates on the country women's association scone-making awards.

For the past three years, we were subjected to rip and read transcripts of Opposition press releases (don't think we didn't hear the snarky tone in the newsreaders' voices) and coded messages to the secret revolutionary guard from firebrands like Fran Kelly and Leigh Sales.

You see, the ABC lives in a cossetted, taxpayer-funded vacuum, hoovering up billions in public money to plot the leftist overthrow of the capitalist state. It has no understanding of profit and loss, unlike The Australian which successfully delivers a loss every quarter.

Yes, surveys show the public trust ABC news more than any other outlet. But that is part of the conspiracy. They have hoodwinked the public to trust them. In fact, if you play the 730 Report backwards, you can hear Leigh saying "brothers and sisters, the time of reckoning approaches".

It is everywhere on their cursed airwaves. The Rural Report features fifth columnists dressed up as farmers, their mumbling about wheat yields code for the overthrow of the capitalist class. When David and Margaret give Five Stars to some socialist French new wave 50s classic, they are urging on the intelligentsia to fire up their Vespas for the revolution at hand. As for those left-bank running dogs Jennifer and Marieke on The Book Club, they are clearly in league with Richard Flanagan to destroy the pulp mill industry.

And Mark Scott - is he not the prototype for the powerful and distant publisher whose most banal utterances become signals to his supine editors to twist copy so as to appease his vile and extreme ideological prejudices? Surely there is no-one so powerful on the global media stage.

And all this with no consumer utility. Yes, iView allows you to catch up on TV programs you have missed. And, yes, there are podcasts of popular radio programs like Big Ideas and Background Briefing. But these are all devices for stupefying the population with facts and culture and entertainment so as to brainwash them with leftist propaganda.

Can you not see this? It is staring you in the face Australia. Nay, it is inside you already and coursing through your veins - a sickness of our democracy that is destroying us from within.

There is only one solution if humanity is to be saved. The ABC must be broken up and sold, its assets distributed to a struggling publisher like News Corporation who can better serve your interests by listening in on your private phone calls and smashing the subversive left into the very dust of history.

 Let Freedom Ring!


  1. There is something wrong with those News warriors. They are deeply unhappy people. Hate, envy, paranoia, greed, distrust is on display every day. They are always trying to tear someone or something down. There is no lightness of heart, no joy, no gentleness, no creativity, no talent. They lash and lacerate. Are they proud of themselves?

  2. The pretense that News Ltd has anything at all to do with journalism must surely now be dispelled. News Ltd is a profit-seeking Corporation masquerading as an information organisation. Those working for them are not true journalists - and probably know it, deep down.

  3. News Ltd wants to control the ABC not buy it. As they know, there is not much profit in the traditional media.

    Much better to gain control and continue to socialize the losses.

    Save a lot of taxes and replace the ABC with access to the internet.

  4. Mr D we all can appreciate that satire only works with an element of truth. The truth is the ABC for news and current affairs leans to the left.

    It used to have one show on Radio National called Counterpoint which decidedly leaned to the right but this has since been censured back to a bland centered view of current events. Philip Adam's LNL is still out there however now matter how much they don't pay him.

    I note you have avoided any comment on journalistic standards regarding ABC/Guardian spy sensation reporting which has damaged our national interest. ABC has good content in parts but its not error, bias or poor judgement free. It certainly doesn't air conservative views as a general rule to achieve a semblance of balance. "Don't be a fan. Don't EVER be a fan." Mark Colvin quoting Christopher Hitchens. ABC is a fan of the left.

    I recall observing some news reporting from the US in which the political topic was covered by the reporter so well you were given the strongest points of contention between opposing views in their own words. The honesty was so refreshing and presented in such a fair and unbiased way its was compelling (and sadly a bit foreign to us here in Oz). The reporter left you with something to think about, but you felt that you were given the material tools to dig deeper. You felt compelled by the frank discourse.

    1. "It certainly doesn't air conservative views as a general rule to achieve a semblance of balance"

      Are you serious?

      Peter Reith, Judith Sloan, Amanda Vanstone, Gerard Henderson, Janet Albrechtsen, Piers Ackermann, Nikki Savva and numerous IPA members just to name a few. How many more do you want? Even Bolt was on the ABC until he had a sook and took his bat and ball and walked off. Furthermore some of these people are openly critical of the ABC.

      I challenge you to find anyone who works for News Ltd and is allowed to be openly critical of them. Or even an easier challenge find as many left wing commentators in News Ltd stables.

      The ABC is not perfect but even the Howard Govt's three separate inquires into perceived bias at the ABC couldn't find too many faults.

    2. Rolly, I always appreciate your constructive feedback and your civil tone. But I do think you are incorrect in thinking there is a systemic bias at the ABC. Notwithstanding my own political views, which you probably have guessed are to the left of centre, I'm still able as a professional journalist by training to detect systemic bias and I don't see it at the ABC. If anything, they bend over backwards to accommodate a range of views, as SimsonMc notes. For instance, I don't see The Australian giving the airtime to the equivalent voices on the Left as the ABC does to the likes of Reith and the IPA.

      Naturally, the ABC has a mandate as a publicly funded organisation to reflect a range of views. And I believe it does that pretty well. If anything, it is unduly cautious and falls into the trap of false equivalence. But that goes with the territory of being publicly funded.

      As to the Snowden revelations, I can tell you with a significant degree of confidence that if the equally hard-nosed news heads of News Corp had the jump on those, they would have splashed them just as aggressively.

      News is news. Journalists don't really care.

  5. This is the lead story on the ABC at the moment.

    Is there any bias and if so in what direction?

    "Abbott threatens to make MPs sit through Christmas

    By political reporter Latika Bourke

    Prime Minister Tony Abbott has accused Labor of giving voters the "two-fingered salute" and is threatening to extend Parliament into the Christmas break unless the Opposition agrees to pass his Government's legislative agenda.

    The Government wants to repeal the carbon tax, raise the debt ceiling to $500 billion and restore Temporary Protection Visas - all measures that Labor opposes.

    "I don't think the Labor Party should get a free pass at Christmas time ... they really should be listening to the people of Australia," Mr Abbott said.

    He earlier accused Labor of trying to "wreck" the country, and raised the prospect of keeping Parliament sitting through December until his legislation was approved by the Senate.


    Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has also been on the attack, saying the Government has had "the shortest honeymoon in history" and describing its handling of the schools funding furore as "cataclysmic"."

  6. It is indicative of just how democracy has waned in this country when an Australian federal government can undertake such an orchestrated, pernicious and vindictive campaign against the public broadcaster for simply publishing documents. The latest justification for the onslaught (and it would seem the coming punishment) is that the ABC "advertised" for "The Guardian" newspaper. The ABC was not paid by "The Guardian" for the material, so it is false to claim it is advertising and breaking its charter. Releasing the material at the same time as another newspaper is not advertising, nor is mentioning that "The Guardian" published it advertising, yet that is the lie being put about by the Government.

    The ABC offers a range of opinions as it attempts to offer diversity. What the current Government and its supporters do not like is any criticism of, or embarrassment of, the Government. None. Their view apparently is that the public broadcaster should be like an arm of the Government, only disseminating views supportive of the ruling authority. So much for the claim that the Coalition do not wish to impose "command and control" via federal government power. So much for George Brandis' talk of freedom of the press equalling freedom of speech, when his Government sides with the sneering denigration of the ABC undertaken by rival media outlets, who want to get rid of a successful competitor.

    This isn't about security, judgement or adhering to a charter; it is about profit, power and control of propaganda.

  7. The ABC was neutered years ago. For several years now, the ABC RN news has regularly lead with "The Opposition (i.e. the coalition) says ....". And most of its news has just echoed the Murdoch press. I stopped listening to /watching ABC news a year ago. Would it really be any great loss? I think it might just confirm what we already know - the Australian mainstream media (of which the ABC is part), is predominantly right wing.

  8. Kevin Donnelly, a self-described education expert and one-man think tank, has been given countless opportunites to spout his nonsense on the ABC - most recently this morning on Melbourne radio 774. Yet his blog complains about the "cultural-left bias and PC group mentality of the Australian Broadcasting Commission". The intellectual dishonesty would be staggering if it wasn't so predictable.

  9. Further to the issue in the previous thread of leaking intelligence data we have the report below, well worth reading, from the Guardian.
    Scary stuff.
    Citizens need to know this stuff, we have the right to be protected from our masters and watchers.
    These leaks are fundamental to democracy.


  10. Newspoll has the ALP leading the COALition 52:48.
    Its the first time in yonks that Labor has had the lead and is all round good news for them with Shorten having a strong approval rating whilst Abbott is in negative territory, more disapproving than approving.

    So how did the ABC spin this?

    On their news website it didn't get a mention at all.
    Ditto on Radio National news - not a whisper.